Style 40 flat top – Martin Guitar, Vintage

Style 40 flat top – Martin Guitar, Vintage

Collectibility Rating: B (would be higher but most models were made in Hawaiian style).

    • German silver tuners with pearl buttons.
    • Ivory bound fingerboard and peghead.
    • Ivory bridge

    • Ivoroid bound top and back.
    • Snowflake inlays beginning at 5th fret.
    • Unbound fingerboard and peghead.

    • Style 40 discontinued.

    • Style 40 reintroduced.
    • Ebony bridge.
    • Most often seen as the Martin 00-40H (hawaiian) with 12 frets clear of the body and a sloted peghead. The 00-40H maintained this configuration until 1941 when it was discontinued.

    • Style 40 discontinued. Reintroduced in 1985 with slightly different specs.
  • Rosewood back and sides, abalone (pearl) inlay around top edge and soundhole (but not on top around the fingerboard like a style 41,42,45 would have), inlaid bridge pins. Fancy backstripe of horizontal lines between two rows of diagonal lines (like style 45). Most style 40 models made were hawaiian style with flat fingerboard radius, flat flush frets, high string action, and no bridge saddle compensation. Most popular was the OO-40H (though they did made 2-40, 0-40, 000-40 and 000-40H models prior to WW2). Sometimes these are converted to regular “spanish” style guitar (fingerboard radiused, refretted, neck reset, bridge saddle angled). Made from the 1860s to 1917, then 1928 to 1941, then 1985 to present. 1860s Style 40 Introduction specs:

    1909 Style 40 specs:

    1917 Style 40 specs:

    1928 Style 40 reintroduction specs:

    1941 Style 40 specs: