Music Matters – Here’s Why

Everything you should know about the benefits of music.

Do you like tribute bands? Are you looking for a live band to sing a range of different favourites are you most interested in a particular genre? Rock, pop, hip hop, heavy metal, country, contemporary, classical, rap, reggae, wedding music, 80s, 90s, blues, jazz? What would be your ideal choice?
Do you have the space for a small DJ or a band to really get your party going? What would fit in with your theme and what would you and your guests really want to hear? Also, what sort of budget are you looking at?
You may want to set the mood and theme around your band or try and find a band to fit an existing theme. Either way, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Fortunately, at least one part has been made easier for you – there are music management websites that will cater for all your needs in finding that perfect band, taking into account genre, religion, occasion and many other factors.

There is nothing better than listening to your favourite music. After a hard day at the office, listening to your favourite band on the way home seems to ease any tension that has built up throughout the day. It’s also hard to beat that feeling you get after purchasing the tickets for a concert and beginning the countdown to the event. Music is even being used in therapy now as a way to reduce stress by slowing your breathing and relaxing your muscles, lifting your mood. Music can stimulate your body, causing it to produce serotonin, known as the happy hormone, and it can alter your brain waves even after you have finished listening. Also, everyone knows that it can motivate you – that’s why the gyms of today are filled with people with personal stereos. Music reminds you of particular times and places – happy memories.

It’s not just adults who can benefits from listening to music. Children who listen to music from a young age often learn how to read quicker than normal and are shown to do better in school because they can concentrate for long periods of time. These benefits will help to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Another good idea is to get your child into learning an instrument which can help with discipline, teamwork and will also show the benefits of practice. You never know, one day someone could be booking your son or daughter’s band for their wedding.
Tina O’Carroll is a music-lover writing on behalf of Live Music Management

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